Alaska Bear Tours

Alaska bear photography tours With Alaska Trophy Adventures Katmai National Park

Extreme Alaska bear tours with Veteran Alaska bear viewing guide, wildlife photographer and naturalist. This 7 day epic adventure is one of the most exciting bear photography tours in the world to walk among the Great Coastal Brown Bear of Alaska. Based in Katmai National Park the home to more then 3500 of Alaska’s brown bear population and the breeding ground for this magnificent bear. Our Alaska bear tours are eco friendly with a group size of no more then 4 clients.

Live, sleep and walk side by side with North Americas largest living land predator as we venture in to the land time has forgotten on a wilderness photography adventure and Alaska bear viewing tour that is sure to create lasting memories and one of a kind photographic images. This is one of the most adventurous Alaska Bear tours available in the whole world and takes bear viewing, bear watching and wildlife photography tours to another level.

Our grizzly bear tours follow the feeding source of the brown bear and are specifically placed in the highest concentration areas for optimal wildlife activity. There is not one time to do grizzly bear viewing in Alaska that captures all phases of the bears seasonal diet. You must choose the daily activities you would like to view and photograph from the bear behaviors chart below to decide what photography adventure you would like to participate in.

Alaska Bear Tours Video

Our Alaska bear photography tours offer you the best of Coastal Brown Bear Cubs Sows and Sub Adults in all types of action activities. If you like to see a sample of whats in store for you on our Alaska Bear Tours view the video below on Sows Cubs and Sub Adults.

Alaska Bear Tours Date Chart

Seasonal Coastal Brown Bear diet and behavioral photography camps. The most intense bear tours available.

June thru July Bear Tours

Katmai National Park (Coastal) – view and photograph coastal brown bears feeding on:

  • Sedge Grasses
  • Wild Celery
  • Beach Greens
  • Mussels
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Tidal flats digging of razor and butter clams.
  • Carrion

Our Alaska bear tours offers you a chance to photograph at unbelievable close distance the wonderful courting and Mating rituals of the coastal brown bear as eligible Sows make there way to surreal meadows to be courted by huge boars often willing to brawl for mating rights. These are outstanding photographic opportunities as you photograph these giants only feet from your lens as they square off for epic battle to pass there genes on. Truly amazing stuff.

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Aug thru Sept Bear Tours

Katmai National Park these secret streams and rivers produce well groomed late seasoned coastal brown bears, sows and cubs feeding on salmon (species of salmon is area and date dependent). Types of salmon possible are listed below:

  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Silver Salmon
  • Chum Salmon
  • Pink Salmon (even years only)
  • King Salmon

Expect to photograph bears feeding on roots, berries and possible carrion feeding.

Photographic opportunities include bears pounding sockeye salmon. Top fishing spots are at stake as the areas dominant coastal brown bears face off to protect the best fishing spots on the river.

Confrontation, posturing, jawing and actual brawling are all on the photographic menu. This is the ultimate Alaska bear viewing tour available in Katmai National Park home to the Alaskan Brown Bear.

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