Alaska Bear Viewing

Why Choose Our Alaska Bear Viewing and Photography Tours

Not all Alaska bear viewing bear photography tours are the same. While our tours and workshops are geared to all levels of wildlife photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, please take a minute to review why our brown bear photography tours are step above the rest.

Small Group Bear Viewing

We specialize in small group bear photography tours. Our average group size is 4 clients in camp per tour. Our client to guide ratio is 1 guide to 3 or 4 clients. Compare this to lodges that can have as many as 25 clients in camp per week and a guide to client ratio of 1 guide to 8 to 12 clients.

Field Bear Photography Tour Time

Our bear photography base camps is strategically placed to give you the most time in the field photographing the bears and surrounding wildlife. Traditional lodges are fixed emplacements and you may have to travel up to 2 hours each way per day to get to the bear viewing bear photography area. This means you could be spending almost 50% of your day out traveling and not photographing. With our bear viewing tours being placed on the fringes of the bears food source you can literally start photographing bears from the second you wake up. Usually a short 7 or 10 minute walk from the base camp is all that is needed to get on some good bear action photography.

No Bear Viewing Platforms

The areas we use for our Alaska bear photography tours use no crowded viewing platforms or man made structures in which to observe and photograph the bears and surrounding wildlife. You will photograph wild brown bears as they are truly in the wild at eye level or from naturally higher elevations in the area. Our camps are in some of the most secretive lesser known places in Katmai.

State of the Art Bear Viewing Base Camp

In mobile base camps we are state of the art offering a full onsite solar charging station with battery backup over sized accommodations with comfortable cots and sleeping gear, lounge & eating area, toilets and fully secured with a electric fence.

For Your Safety

  • Our camp is fully enclosed with a electric fence for your night time safety
  • Satellite Phone for emergency use only
  • Daily safety Spot transmissions
  • *Perfect safety record to date